Perhaps finally realizing the irony of only selling a Worldphone-branded device in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, John Sculley just green-lighted the MV1’s British expansion.

Best known for ruling Apple with an iron fist between 1983 and 1993, first alongside Steve Jobs himself, then after the co-founder’s controversial departure, Sculley also presided over Pepsi-Cola back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, maintaining a relatively low profile in the tech industry in recent years.

As far as mobile hardware consumers are concerned, he returned in the spotlight in 2014 by setting up Obi Worldphone, previously Obi Mobiles, a company focused on manufacturing solid, affordable and uniquely designed smartphones aimed primarily at emerging markets.

But the UK surely doesn’t fit the description, so the Obi MV1 is probably looking to broaden its horizon and upgrade its ambitions. Still priced extremely low, at £99 ($129), the mid-range 5-incher “floats like a butterfly”, with an HD display that appears to hover above the rest of the sleek body.

The “sting like a bee” part is somewhat debatable, due to a humble Snapdragon 212 processor, though you also get 2 respectable gigs of RAM. And 16GB expandable storage, and 8/2MP cameras, DTS sound enhancements, a highly customizable Cyanogen OS (version 12.1.1, based on Android 5.1, sadly), as well as robust security features, and default Truecaller integration.

Source: Obi Worldphone

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