You’d think that Apple and Samsung will someday stop all the fighting and hatred, and specially given the fact that both these companies are such great partners when it comes to delivering the iPhones that many of us use, but who knows if that’ll ever change. We all know that Samsung had requested a ban on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 recently through the ITC because of certain patent infringements, which the ITC did find Apple guilty of. The sentence would require Apple to halt the sales of any iOS product that came before the iPhone 4S or iPad with Retina Display, which at the moment are the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 that still retail. Sadly, those who were expected to see the drama are out of luck.

As it turns out the Obama Administration has done something that no other administration has done for a consumer product since 1987. They vetoed the sentence, which will allow Apple to continue selling these old phones and tablets until they most probably become discontinued by this year’s holiday season. You can imagine that Samsung isn’t at all happy with this, as they’ve also confirmed that Apple isn’t even willing to license the patent from them to make things right.

It’s hard to tell if the drama will continue, but judging the fact that both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are already three-years-old, we doubt that a lot of people care any more.

Via: Cult Of Mac

Source: AllThingsD, Flickr

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