NVIDIA unveils Tegra X1, a “mobile superchip” with astonishing power

As we demand more and more features from the smartphones, tablets, and wearables that hit the market, one thing is consistent: everything requires more power. And that power comes from the chips inside these products, the latest of which is the NVIDIA Tegra X1, seemingly one of the best to come out thus far. NVIDIA has just taken the wraps off of the product at a press event in Las Vegas for CES, so let’s have ourselves a look.

The chip is meant as a successor to last year’s Tegra K1, which also used CES as a launchpad. It features a 256-core Maxwell-based GPU as well as an 8-core CPU, exceeding 1 teraflop of throughput. It’s the first mobile processor to be able to pull such a thing off. NVIDIA claims that the X1 can handle 4K video at 60Hz as well.

The use-cases demonstrated by NVIDIA at the event are all automotive, but we definitely wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this landing in smartphones or tablets this year – why else would the company take a dig at Apple’s A8X processor, right? Hopefully we’ll see the chip land on devices later this year, and we can then put it to the test.

Update: Well, there’s the official press release!

Source: NVIDIA

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