After much of our disappointment with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 mobile processor, and the slow adoption of the Tegra 4, we’ll admit that most of us were waiting to see if Nvidia’s Tegra 5 would help the chipmaker have a more promising 2014. Nvidia has been famous for religiously using CES as their launch platform for every new mobile processor that we’ve known in the last couple of years, but this time, we didn’t really get a Tegra 5. What Nvidia has unveiled today is actually something much bigger.

The company has just announced their new Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor, and what makes this chip special is that it has 192 graphics cores. According to chief executive Jen Hsun Huang, the Tegra K1 is positioned as a mobile game console, though once we dug some specifics, we discover that this is more of a line-up and not just a single chip. There will be a traditional 32-bit version of this mobile chip, which retains similarities with the Tegra 4 in that it’s 4+1 ARM cores working together, a dual-core 64-bit Denver CPU, which is the processor the company made public back in 2011, and also an automobile variant that falls in-line with the OAA announcement we just talked about.

Sadly at this point it’s hard to tell if the Tegra K1 will have the same massive adoption that we saw with the Tegra 3. As with the case of the Tegra 4, no partners have been announced. The company’s CEO did show the Unreal Engine 4 working flawlessly on the new Tegra K1 though, which could mean that their next-generation Shield might be the demo dummy for the product one more time. Another thing that was continuously mentioned is how many carmakers currently use Nvidia chips to power their dashboards, so this could also give the new Tegra K1 some room to grow in the OAA.

Via: PC World 

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