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NVIDIA Shield adapter recall affects units with European plug heads

By Jules Wang August 11, 2017, 12:46 am

If you bought a NVIDIA Shield, Shield TV and Shield World Charger Kit between July 2014 and May of this year and use it in Europe, you should check out that duck plug head on your AC adapter.

Click on the release tab below the pins of the plug head and remove it from the adapter. On the back of it, look to the left side for a triangle grid with row numbers labeled 14, 15 and 16. If the last two triangles in row 16 weren’t marked by punches, keep on reading. If you do find those punches, look to the opposite corner and see if there’s a giant “B” marking it. If there isn’t one, keep on reading.


If you’ve come up this far, you should now that NVIDIA has issued a voluntary recall for that duck plug head. Why? It seems those units’ pins can be fragile and break off — as we’re dealing with the power grid, that’s not a hazard we want to be left with.

So, what to do? Click on the source link below this story and you’ll be taken a form to get a new plug head, free of charge.


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