Ah, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In the mobile industry, this typically high-ball number gets screwed around with by carriers and retailers with their bundles and new line campaigns and whatnot.

But if you’re going unlocked, traversing eBay and Amazon seems to be a minefield — small-time online outlets go through these marketplaces, often with a monopoly over a limited supply of a specific SKU, with wildly varying prices.

Well, if you prefer paying what you’re supposed to pay, Samsung is willing to ship you an unlocked Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black for $724.99. The Galaxy S8+, also in Midnight Black, is priced at $849.99. The company is offering 24-month, zero interest financing to boot.

Best Buy is also running the same devices (to the same spec) at the same prices. The advantage here is that you can schedule for an in-store pickup for near-instant gratification.

Yeah, at this point, you should realize that these models work best in the US on all the major networks, including the CDMA ones.

Both outlets are offering customers a Gear 360 for $49 with a purchase of either phone — a $180 discount!

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