Now Available for Free: the Widget!

We’re proud and excited to announce that we are among the very first websites to have a dedicated content widget in the Marketplace. Our widget is available for free and can be found in the the Lifestyle/Recreation category of the store, or you can simply search for “”.

The widget lets you take content with you in a super mobile-friendly format that even displays the video content that we produce. You can also view our review archive and catch up on the latest products that we’ve evaluated.

At this time, the widget is only accessible from the Marketplace in the US, though we’re likely to make it more widely available in the coming weeks.

A big thanks goes to WebIS (makers of Pocket Informant) for developing the widget, and for Adam Lein for making everything come together.

Also, we’re happy to reveal to you the new video introduction, which shows our new logo due to be unveiled in full when we launch the site redesign in less than a week. We hope you like it =D.

If you have a 6.0/6.1 device, you too can use the Marketplace.

Update: Many of you are having trouble finding the widget. We’re hearing from Microsoft that apps may take a few days to propagate to all of the servers. So check back for it soon!

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