Nexus and Pixel devices have long had launchers where users could access a dedicated Google Now screen (now known as the feed) and get a quick glance at what their day’s like. It’s been a rough time getting the feature onto other launchers from OEMs and app developers alike, but Android Police is now reporting that Nova Launcher has been able to implement it.

Google has been making more elements of its standard launcher fare available to those digging into the AOSP and that includes the pull-away feed. In so doing, it’s been rewiring debug checks that have blocked third parties from implementing the feed onto their own launcher.

All in all, it’s good news for developer TeslaCoil, but working in this feature at a beta stage for version 5.3 of Nova has had one big hurdle: as debuggable apps cannot be listed in the Play Store, Nova Launcher needs a separate, unlisted app to enable this feature.

Both are Nova Launcher beta and Nova Google Companion app are available from Android Police sister site, APK Mirror. We also have the link to Nova Launcher’s listing on the Google Play Store where you can enroll in beta access at the bottom of the page.

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