Nova Launcher dev chucks Android Oreo name out the window for Orelletes

Even though Google made the mistake of naming its teaser video file in part “Oreo,” there’s still a chance that we may see Android 8.0 go beyond the typical and the copyrighted. We know, everyone’s hooked on the creme sandwich cookie at this point — even Evan Blass. Nestle might’ve made a deal to offer its KitKat brand for Android 4.4, but Oreo maker Mondelez is no Nestle.

So, what are the offside bets at this point? Cliff Wade, the developing force behind Android users’ favorite third-party skin Nova Launcher, has his idea: Orellete.

In Catalonia, these “ears” of fried, crispy flour-based pastry are traditionally eaten at weddings, and around Easter. Of course, the Spanish region is known to us as the home of Barcelona. That’s where the very relevant Mobile World Congress is held. It’s also the focus point of a recent wave of terrorist attacks. Orelletes are popular in the border regions of France, too, but they’re known as bougnettes or beignets.

If Google has opted for this name, we do not know how recently it came to this dessert. But we wouldn’t blame the company for putting this one up instead of Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie. Guess we’ll have to find out tomorrow at 2:40pm Eastern.

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