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Nothing Ear(1)-like translucent AirPods and Apple 29W Charger surfaces on the internet

By Roland Udvarlaki December 1, 2021, 12:00 pm
Apple AirPods clear design Source: Twitter: 1nsane_dev

New images have emerged from an Apple collector who posted images on Twitter of prototype devices. The AirPods and even the 29W Apple charger appear in a clear translucent design, showing off the internal components and wires.

The images were posted by Giulio Zompetti (via 9to5Mac), who collects mainly Apple devices and accessories. The images show off the AirPod and how it would’ve looked like if it came with a transparent casing, which would show off the internal components such as the audio drivers, wires, and even some glue. It strangely looks very similar to Nothing’s Ear (1) device, which has only just become available in Black color today.


Looking at the images, it’s unclear if Apple ever thought about releasing transparent products, but it’s likely that these were only made for development purposes. It’s still interesting to see how these could’ve looked like if Apple made them see-through. The current generation of AirPods is only available in white color, and even the AirPods Pro is limited to it.

A 29W Apple Charger can also be found with a transparent case, which also reveals the internal components, some glue, the motherboard, and some wires inside. The Apple collector also shows off an EVT prototype of the original iPhone.

It would have been great to see some special edition made out of these products that would’ve had a transparent look, but as we all know, none of these products ever made it to the public, and at this point, it seems very unlikely that Apple would ever release such devices with a translucent casing.

There are a wide variety of mods – which will void your warranty – and skins and cases available for AirPods that you can buy that can offer similar looks. You can also paint the earbuds themselves with a wide variety of skins.


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