Note 9 S-Pen

For those of you paying attention to details, you can now compare the S-Pen of the upcoming Note 9 to the one its predecessor, the Note 8, features. It will obviously be more colorful, with the tip of it matching the color of the phone itself. It will also feature Bluetooth technology for more tricks up its sleeve, and some say it will be more angular than its predecessor. While the picture (above) doesn’t really reveal much, we can add this piece of the puzzle to the list of leaks that will form the final image on August 9.

Anywhere between £950 and £1,150 is what current rumors mention for the price tag of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. While we haven’t heard anything regarding the price in the US, a recently leaked online pre-order banner seems to confirm these figures. Converted from Indonesian rupiah, $935 and $1,215 seem to be what Samsung will be asking for the Note 9, depending on whether you’ll go for the 128- or 512GB variant, which seem to be the two flavors for 2018. Of course, you can do all the conversions you want, but it will still be up to Samsung to decide the pricing policy for each region, depending on the market, demand, and other factors. Still, “close to $1,000” seems to be a figure that becomes more and more likely.

If $1,000 is more than what you can afford, or are willing to pay for the Note 9, you might want to check Swappa for a mint Note 8, at probably half the price.

We’ve rounded up everything we know about the Note 9, so make sure to read up on this post in case you missed anything.

Note 9 price

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