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The Galaxy Note 9 might be the last Samsung Galaxy Note

By Anton D. Nagy July 23, 2018, 4:11 am
Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

…just as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ might be the last S-flagship to wear a plus sign. As you have probably noticed and are wondering, we’ve noticed as well: there are so many similarities between the Galaxy S9+ and the Note 8 (probably Note 9 as well), that there’s little to differentiate them, save for the S-Pen and some of its related features.

This recent report from Korea claims that Samsung is seriously considering killing the Galaxy Note line-up. As a matter of fact, the company has been considering it for at least a year. The reason behind such a decision to cancel the Galaxy Note line-up, besides the similarities with the plus flagship, is the status quo on the market. It is a saturated market, with a new consumer behavior that changes the upgrade cycle as more and more customers hold on to their phones for longer periods of time.

The report also claims that the decision will be taken after the Galaxy Note 9 launch, and will depend on how the market will welcome the phone. If it will be underwhelming, then we might see the Note line merge with the S line. Just how exactly will that happen is yet unknown, but we could definitely see a Galaxy S10, and a Galaxy S10+ (that is featuring an S-Pen), launched together or months apart.

Nonetheless, the Note line-up has a solid follower and fan-base. Even though we might not use the S-Pen as much as Samsung expects us to, the Note is still a phone that sets you apart from others.

What do you think? Would such a move make sense? Should Samsung go for it? Let us know!

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