Earlier this summer, before Samsung had gone all-in with quad HD for its Galaxy Note 4, we were checking out its QHD stealth-launch with the LTE-A Galaxy S5. But beyond just having more pixels than the original GS5, that smartphone’s display caught our attention due to how well it performed in color accuracy tests. Rather than cranking saturation up to 10 in an attempt to dazzle, its color reproduction was analyzed as being much more true-to-life than previous Samsung OLED phones. Now with the Note 4 landing, how will it stack up? Early reports suggest it will compare quite favorably, with another screen capable of very accurate output.

In order to see this performance, Note 4 owners will have to set their phablets’ displays to Samsung’s “basic” mode, which calibrates the screen to do a very nice job at matching the standard sRGB color space. At least, this is what Phone Arena was able to determine when running the Note 4 through some professional screen quality tests, revealing a very accurate color temperature, without an overwhelmingly greenish tinge. Color errors are also well below standard levels. That chart down below on the left shows just how close to perfect things are – ideally, all those dots would be centered in their respective scales.

All that said, Samsung still lets you over-saturate to your heart’s content, should that be the look you prefer, or maybe just associate with its products. The phone’s “cinema” mode is represented in the chart on the bottom right, where accuracy is traded for vibrancy and more “punch.”

Left, “basic” mode, high accuracy; right, “cinema” mode

Source: Phone Arena

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