Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will arrive as the company’s model SM-N910: that much, everyone seems relatively confident on by this point. And with evidence from Samsung itself pointing to the presence of a 2560 x 1440 display, there’s little doubt that we’re looking at a 2K model. After that, though, things get complicated fast, not helped out in the least by rumors of new SoCs and exotic hardware designs – all that “new form factor” business. Thankfully, today we’ve got some new data to help us better understand the Note 4’s story, as details for a pair of models turn up in AnTuTu benchmark data.

We’re looking at the SM-N910S and N910C here: both with 2K displays, 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage, and 16MP main cameras.

The differences crop up when we turn to the chips powering these phones. The 910S, which naming conventions would suggest is a South Korean edition, shows up running a Snapdragon 805, just like the new GS5 LTE-A.

The more interesting silicon shows up on the 910C, which gets a new Exynos 5433. We heard a rumor a little earlier this month claiming the Note 4 would arrive with that specific chip, and here it is. AnTuTu admits it struggled a little pulling useful info out of the chip (resulting in odd figures like a 1.3GHz max clock speed), but even if benchmarks don’t quite know what to make of Samsung’s new chips just yet, it sure appears we’re looking at an octa-core SoC with 64-bit A57 and A53 cores.

Of course, none of this does much to help us get to the bottom of the external design question, with rumor of wrap-around displays, but one thing at a time.

Source: AnTuTu (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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