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5 reasons to not switch to iPhone 6

By Adam Doud September 25, 2014, 10:00 am

And yet…

Yesterday, we talked about a few good reasons why now is the time to jump ship from your current platform and move to iOS. Whether your current pocket pal is of the Windows Phone variety or Android, there are a few good reasons to at least kick the tires on it. Those were detailed in yesterday’s article. But now we’re here to talk about why you should not switch over.


It’s just a bigger screen

One of the major selling points to this year’s iPhone offerings is the increased screen size. The original iPhones had screens that were suited for one-handed use, which is great if you only have one hand. But designing a phone to be used by just one hand can be seen as convenient, but really, it’s just small. If our phones were still just emailing or texting machines then maybe there’s a reason why you’d want that. Pulling out your phone and dialing a number with one hand is nice, but now that our phones are so much more about consumption – surfing, reading, movie watching, and so much more – 4” just isn’t going to cut it any more.


This is something that Android and Windows Phone have known for some time now. This isn’t a criticism on Apple finally catching up. But when compared to your current platform, there’s nothing added.

Breaking Continuity

This is a small point that was already addressed in yesterday’s piece, so I won’t dwell on it here, but one of iOS 8’s selling points is Continuity and iCloud – carrying tasks across all devices. The problem is, it only works within Apple products. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others are more platform agnostic and will allow you to sync your changes to all manner of documents. It won’t be as seamless as “put down your iPhone, pick up your iPad and continue editing the same document,” but it’s close enough and certainly not worth switching platforms over.



Face it, people. iOS is still boring. It’s still the same old grid of icons. Sure you can move icons around and make folders, but there’s nothing that offers the rich experience that widgets and live tiles have to offer on competing platforms. iOS did implement widgets in iOS, but you have to pull down the notification shade to see them which is completely missing the point of having widgets in the first place. If I wanted to check for an update by doing some kind of action, I would just open the freaking app. So in some things, Apple still has a lot of catching up to do and this is no exception.


There’s one elephant in the room that needs to be addressed and now is as good a time as any. Some people just don’t like how Apple designs hardware. That’s a very unfortunate thing if you want to try out iOS. With other operating systems, you get to choose your specifications – size, processor etc. – and you get to choose who is making it for you. Maybe you’re a Motorola person, or an HTC person and you just like their hardware. That’s perfectly acceptable. But with iOS it’s Apple or bust, and if you don’t like the way it designs its phones, you’re a little screwed.

windows phone 8.1 ask us anything

Making it yours

Finally, and this is more a summation of all of this, but Android and Windows Phone both give you enough options to really make your phone yours. With Apple and iOS you get the same icons, the same hardware, the same function as everyone else in the world. Maybe you have a little fun by lining up letter icons on your home screen to spell words. If that’s fun for you, then God bless you. I’m sure you’ll have a very happy life. But one of the reasons iPhone users are called “iSheep” is because each iPhone has the personality of a flock, not an individual. When you’re spending this much money of a device, I would think you’d like the ability to really make it yours. I might be crazy though.

So there you have it. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve given you all the reasons why you should switch to Apple, and why you should not. It’s not an easy call. I know I’ve made my decision, but I wonder if you have made yours. So in the grand tradition of the Weekend Debate – weekday edition, I’m going to put it to you. Many of you have probably already told me how much I suck in yesterday’s piece, so today, let’s go ahead and actually debate this. To switch or not to switch? Why and why not? Go ahead and post your reasons below and let’s see if we can figure this out.


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