If you’re with the Un-carrier on a T-Mobile ONE plan, worry not about this news as your plan’s monthly rate wraps in taxes and fees. But those of you who are clinging onto a Simple Choice plan or a plan from your old carrier that was acquired by T-Mobile, you’ll notice a minuscule increase in your bill.

The change comes into one part of one billing item, the Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery fee. Specifically, the Telco Recovery fee, which recoups T-Mobile’s expenses for linking up to other service providers to complete calls, will go up. Data-only lines will see the charge go up from 83 cents to $1.01 while the fee for voice lines rises from $2.11 to $2.58.

No changes are being made to the Regulatory Programs fee, which Un-carrier uses to compensate for government compliance measures. The tally for data lines is 15 cents while the rate voice lines is 60 cents.

SunCom Wireless customers, who were previously exempt from the packaged fee since T-Mobile’s acquisition of the company in 2008, will now pay it every month.

All this starts June 10.

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