The maker of the G5 smartphone and modular accessories called “Friends” has reportedly decided to withdraw from making more friends for next year’s G6 — even though the company previously insisted to the contrary.

Sources to The Electronic Times in Korea say that LG is reconfiguring its product strategy behind this upcoming spring’s flagship smartphone. The questionable design of the G5 and the inconvenience of having to reboot the phone whenever an accessory was switched out were some of the reasons why sales were poor — so poor as to cause a major shift in the corporate hierarchy for LG’s mobile division.

The chaebol risks, however, alienating customers who were expecting future support for the Friends ecosystem in markets where the G5 performed marginally well. It’s also not a good look to turn away from a direction of development it was very apparently going. But chancing that, according to insiders, seems better than innovation for the sake of innovation.

The LG V20 was part of that conservative strategy and so it may be with the G6.

Source: ETNews
Via: GSMArena

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