Nokia X7 for AT&T Fully Exposed

The handset you see pictured here is said to be the unannounced Nokia X7 touchscreen smartphone, and according to the source of the images, it could be coming to AT&T as soon as this month. First revealed thanks to an unauthorized video late last November, the Symbian^3-powered device was tipped a few weeks later as headed to AT&T — quite a notable event, considering how rare subsidized Nokia devices are stateside (This may be one of the company’s first steps towards its stated goal of re-entering the North American market with more attractive offerings).

Specs are still light here, although the eight-megapixel camera with dual-flash is pretty prominent on the backside, as are the four speaker grilles at the corners (we’ve heard only two of them actually emit sound). We can probably assume that we’re also looking at a ClearBlack display with nHD resolution, but that can be said about many of Nokia’s current-gen handsets.

We’ll be extremely curious to see how this model fares against the iPhones, Droids, and BlackBerries being enjoyed by many Americans; from the looks alone, is this a phone that you’d consider picking up?

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