Nokia X unboxing and giveaway teaser (Video)

Yesterday will be a day long remembered: it saw the end of Nokia as we know it. After a long regulatory approval process, the company’s devices and services division has finally been scooped up by the company whose software has powered its offerings for the past few years: Microsoft.

But the looming acquisition by Windows Phone’s corporate overlord didn’t stop Nokia from experimenting with new ideas in the months leading up to that merger. At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company finally laid bare its new offerings for developing markets: a trio of midrange smartphones called the Nokia X, X+, and XL. Our own Anton D. Nagy and Jaime Rivera were there in person and went hands-on with the new units moments after they were unveiled – but MWC being MWC, they didn’t have time for an extended stay.

Now, thanks to the fine folks at Negri Electronics, we’ve got a lime green Nokia X in the Pocketnow offices, and we’re taking the wraps off prior to some feature coverage next week. But we’re not stopping there: we’ll also be giving this device away to one lucky winner when we’re through learning all about it!

Want to be that lucky devil? Watch our unboxing below, then stop back here at Pocketnow on Monday, April 28th for all the details. If you want an early start, go ahead and follow Negri Electronics on Twitter; that’s one of the (very few) requirements for entry that’ll be announced next week. And if you just can’t bear to wait for a giveaway and need a Nokia X right this moment, go ahead and snap one up at this link!

Otherwise, enjoy the unboxing, and have a great weekend. See you Monday!

Nokia X unboxing

All this Nokia talk got your appetite whetted for more Microsoft-Nokia insights? Tune in to the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly, where we’re joined by Stefan Constantinescu of TabDump to talk about this watershed moment in mobile! 

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