Last night, we shared with you the work that was being done to get the Nokia app store from the new Nokia X running on regular old Google-centric Androids handsets. We knew it wasn’t any technological milestone or anything nearly so important, but it was still a neat thing to see, especially due to all the effort Nokia’s made to distance its X family from Google. Tonight we turn that on its head, as we see a Nokia X handset configured to run Google apps, including the new Google Now Launcher.

And again, it’s not that anyone doubted such a thing would be possible, or even extraordinarily difficult to pull off; Android’s crazy flexible, and it was just a matter of time, along with some access to the hardware. But that’s just where we find ourselves tonight, checking out these Google apps running on the X’s petite four-inch display.

Sideloading has always been a bit of an enthusiast pursuit, but considering Nokia’s big plans for the X, we wonder if we might see a new spate of interest in it following the phone’s availability, or if users will find themselves so satisfied with Nokia’s own efforts that the thought wouldn’t even occur to them.

Source: Kashamalaga (XDA-Developers forum)
Via: Android Central

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