Nokia wins against HTC in Germany, One-line-up not affected by patent ruling

A German court sided with Nokia on Friday, in a patent-related lawsuit against HTC, and has found eight-out-of-nine of the Taiwan-made Android phones to be infringing. The patent in case is EP1246071, which refers to a “method of configuring electronic devices” (specifically helping computers decide which drivers to use upon USB-plugging-in the device).

Nokia has scored a recent win in the UK too against HTC, when the One mini could have been banned, alongside the One flagship, but HTC somehow managed to overturn that decision temporarily. In Germany, HTC claims that the One family of products — One, One mini, and One max — have not been found to infringe said Nokia patent. “This means that HTC will continue to supply our customers with our entire line of flagship devices. We will still be seeking to revoke Nokia’s EP’071 patent in our pending nullity action in Germany, as we believe it to be invalid,” said the Taiwanese phone-maker in a statement. Furthermore, devices found infringing are nearing EOL status, like the Desire and Wildfire products, and are barely available in Germany.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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