Nokia Wants to Call and Help You With Your New Phone

We had a talk with Nokia the other day and they wanted to tell us more about this “Smart Start” program which sounds like it would be especially nice for all the new users out there.  Normally when people buy a new phone they’ll usually try to get a few basics about the functionality from the sales person.  It’s not really their job to teach you how to use the phone, but it’s important that you at least know a little bit about the device before you leave the store.  After that, maybe you’ll call the carrier for more support, but who knows how knowledgable the service rep would be on the other end of that call (if you ever get to a real person.)  So Nokia has decided to start a program where you just log-in, enter your phone’s IMEI number (so they know you’re a real Nokia customer) and then set up an appointment where a Nokia representative can call you and teach you about different functions on your new Nokia Lumia 710 or Lumia 900.  Oh, and all of that is free!  Sessions are usually scheduled for about an hour in length, but if you want to learn more you can schedule as many sessions as you want to.

As we mentioned in Why People Love Windows Phone, the rare case where you’ll find a bad review often comes from a user who’s frustrated with something that they don’t know how to do.  Nokia is trying to resolve those issues and minimize returns by helping you get the most out of your phone.

A dedicated app for scheduling Smart Start sessions is in the works so that you can seek out help right from your Nokia Windows Phone.  Unfortunately, it won’t be bundled with new phones right away nor will it be pinned to the start screen for new users to easily find.  You’ll have to find it in the Nokia section of the Windows Marketplace.  Still it’s a nice addition.

So if you know any AT&T or T-Mobile support or sales representatives, or you know some one who’s trying to learn how to use his/her new Nokia Windows Phone, be sure to point them to for some free help.

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