Wearable tech is becoming a larger and larger market, and it seems like most of the big players in the smartphone game have either already released smartwatches themselves, or have been rumored to be working on such devices. About a month back, we saw an image from Microsoft depicting Nokia devices, and for a moment the presence of a watch-like model had us wondering about Nokia’s smartwatch aspirations… until it became abundantly clear that we were looking at the five-year-old Nokia Morph concept design. But could there still be an actual present-day smartwatch under construction at Nokia? That’s what we find ourselves asking this afternoon, with the publication of two pics purporting to be Nokia smartwatch hardware.

There’s precious little to see here, but what we can make out sure suggests that Nokia might not be going crazy with hardware buttons, as this left edge appears entirely blank. The mounting point for the strap doesn’t really make it look like it would be user-swappable, like on the Pebble, and we’re more than a little curious about the haphazard, irregular spacing of the holes you see there – a consequence of this being a prototype, or perhaps evidence that what we’re looking at here isn’t the genuine article?

Ultimately, we’re not feeling wildly enthusiastic about this find. Nothing here really screams Nokia design language, and if it weren’t for that (easily faked) logo, we wouldn’t be giving this a second look. We’ll be interested to see if any more images of this hardware emerge, but until something more convincing surfaces, we’re not going to be holding our breath.

Source: CtechCN (Google Translate)
Via: WPCentral

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