Nokia announces plans to get back into making smartphones

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Nokia – at least, the part of Nokia that wasn’t sold into Microsoft’s Devices and Services Group (and then promptly mostly laid off not too long afterward) – is still alive and kicking. You may remember the company’s latest Android effort, the N1 tablet, which we previewed not too long ago. But this company isn’t interested in stopping at tablets; it’s reaffirmed plans today to get back into the smartphone business.

There’s a key caveat here, though: these smartphones aren’t going to be first-party, at least not for now. Nokia is looking for a partner who can manufacture, sell, market, and provide customer support for a smartphone product. Nokia would have a key role in the design and branding of the device, both of which still command recognition all around the world.

Another point is that, because of the terms of the agreement Nokia made with Microsoft when the buyout was completed, the company isn’t allowed to create smartphone products until the fourth quarter to 2016. So while Nokia has every intention of becoming a player in the crowded smartphone market as soon as it can, it looks like we’ll be waiting for a good while before that can happen.

Source: Nokia
Via: Windows Central

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