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Nokia Smart Wireless Charger hands-on (video)

By Anton D. Nagy September 4, 2014, 8:10 am

As we mentioned a tad earlier, aside from the Lumia 830, 735, and 730 dual-SIM, Nokia also announced a couple of accessories as well. In this hands-on video we’re specifically taking a look at the Nokia Smart Wireless Charger, of course, while using a Lumia 830 with a Wireless Charging Flip Shell for Lumia 830 attached, and a Lumia 735 with a Wireless Charging Shell on its back.

The Nokia Smart Wireless Charger is QI standard compatible and supports Bluetooth LE. Why? In order to be informed of the current battery level of your Lumia device. When it senses that your phone is running low on battery, it start to subtly glow, a glow that is also present when you charge your device. It not only looks good, but it helps you remember to charge your battery. That’s not all: it also serves as a notification LED (if you will), glowing when you get a new e-mail, text message, or you have a missed call. Check out the video below to see more!

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