Predictions Have Nokia Selling Mobile Business to Microsoft and Huawei In 2013

Even with the mild success of the Lumia 920, that doesn’t change the fact that Nokia is still in financial trouble. The launch of some previous flops along with six straight quarters of immense losses has pushed the company to a point unimaginable just five years ago. Yeah, they even had to sell the house to milk some cash out of their assets, even if they’re still living in it under a lease.

Forbes contributor Tristan Louis has just published his predictions on what to expect from Nokia in 2013 and they’re not to smile about, but they do fall in line with certain things that Nokia has been doing lately. According to Louis, Nokia will sell their mobile business in order to focus on software and services, a la IBM. If this sounds far fetched to you, the fact that Nokia has launched one of their key Lumia differentiation product as “Here Maps” for iOS may help bring things into perspective. The predictions include the fact that their regular phone business may go to Huawei while their smartphone division may go to Microsoft.

Both buyers make sense. Huawei has shown complete desperation into becoming somebody in the mobile space in our region, even though their moves haven’t been quite bold. Microsoft on the other hand can definitely afford to buy all of Nokia, and finally have its own device to compete with in the mobile space, even if their Surface attempts weren’t as smart as they thought they would be.

I know most of us would personally prefer for Nokia to give this another shot and continue to exist, but that could be a tough call. Would you prefer Nokia to get sold to Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Forbes

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