Nokia Sea Ray Shown Off Booting Windows Phone Mango [Update]

Nokia Sea Ray should ring a bell ever since Stephen Elop himself showed off the manufacturer’s first Windows Phone around a month ago. We then saw a picture of the phone running Windows Phone and cleverly using up the spare screen real estate to compensate for the lack of buttons. It’s not the case as it turns out.

In the video below you can see the Nokia Sea Ray again, with its four buttons on the right side (volume up, volume down, power and dedicated camera buttons), charging plus synching port and a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. Even more, the prototype is booting up Windows Phone Mango as the person operating it fires up the camera app and then turns the phone off.

One thing to note here is the super deep blacks on the screen (notice the true dark regions surrounding the tiles on the Start Screen). This calls for an interesting theory: earlier we believed that the Sea Ray, because of its FWVGA screen (854×480), is using up the spare 54 pixels to WVGA as on-screen buttons. This still might be the case: even though the buttons for Back, Start and Search appear to be capacitive, due to the deep blacks, they can still be virtual. As cbebop points out in the comments, you can see the buttons even before the phone is powered on. Theory put to rest, they’re capacitive!

We’ll just have to wait for a better recording or leak but regardless of this aspect, the Sea Ray, just like the N9, is a great looking phone. With Windows Phone Mango rumored as early as August, the Sea Ray is not that far down the road, even if Nokia starts its Windows Phone journey in six European countries first this year.

Update: WPCentral reports that the Sea Ray pictured above is running Windows Phone Mango build 7710 which is reportedly the RTM version of the OS.

Source: WPXAP

Via: WPCentral

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