Is this a Nokia smartphone with penta-lens camera?

We’ll be honest from the get-go: we don’t know how to react to this. Smartphone manufacturers are experimenting with multiple cameras and crazy arrangements lately. Needless to say, that a penta-lens camera smartphone seems just as unbelievable. Makes us wonder: how many cameras do we really need?

But if we come to think of it for just one second, it might not be that impossible after all. Back in February rumor had it that Nokia was working on a penta-lens camera smartphone. That’s five cameras, and all of them on the back. This image was posted to Baidu and then pulled. Slashleaks has a copy and the image depicts a Nokia phone running Android One.

Said phone appears to have five cameras and a flash on the back. If real, this might be our first look at the rumored phone. If fake, we can file this one under “seen this too, moving on”. What do you think about this? Real or fake? And if real, how would Nokia employ those five cameras?

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