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Nokia and OnePlus too aggressive in killing background processes says one group

By Jules Wang January 14, 2019, 9:00 pm

Urbandroid is a team an Android app developers that have made wellness apps like Sleep as Android and Twilight. Some of these apps need to run background operations for long periods of time, sometimes well after a device goes to sleep mode.

Some phone makers have been cracking down on such apps for the sake of battery saving and that has led to poor app store reviews with complaints saying that these sleep trackers and blue light filters weren’t working as intended. So, Urbandroid has created a new site called Don’t Kill My App! With hours of research, the team has compiled a ranking of Android device OEMs deemed the most aggressive in killing apps off.

Of the eight vendors tested, Nokia was called the worst: its power management solution seems to have been obtained from a third-party called Evenwell and baked into the firmware. The app is designed to kill any app after it has been operating in the background for 20 minutes, no matter what kind of app it is or whether it has been whitelisted to operate in the background.

Users are advised to force stop a system app called “Battery protection or uninstall the app via an adb shell.

Following Nokia, there is OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu and Sony. Samsung and HTC were considered the most benign on the list for either their disclosure on how to control battery management, the severity of the management and the ease of disabling that management. Stock Android was also more conservative in crushing background apps.

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