As the story behind the Nokia Normandy unfolds, we’re finding ourselves more and more fascinated with what by all logic should be a WP8 or Asha device, yet appears to reveal Nokia’s flirtation with Android. Last week we got to check out some of the best evidence to date, with a series of renders depicting the phone’s software, complete with a custom Nokia UI. Great stuff, but once again, we were looking at a render – would we ever see Normandy in the flesh? As it just so happens, the image above (left) leaked over the weekend, purportedly depicting an engineering prototype of Normandy.

Even better than just a shot of the actual hardware, it’s powered-on for us. Of course, our luck isn’t so great as to see it actually running Android, going a long way to add support to all these rumors, but we’ll take what we can get. The phone’s case – specifically, the cut-out for the mic at the bottom there – aligns perfectly with that very first render we got to see of Normandy, adding an air of legitimacy to the leak.

There are still plenty of unanswered questions when it comes to Normandy – really, there’s more we don’t know than what we do – but if the leaks keep up the sort of pace they have over these past few weeks, we may be well on the way to finding out.

Update: Well this is getting interesting. Now another image has leaked (top, right), and this one showing the phone fully booted. It’s becoming pretty clear that even if this software may be Android at its core, Nokia has gone to quite some lengths to create its own look, reportedly forking Android, as Amazon and other OEMs have done before.

Source: seamissu (Twitter)
Via: My Nokia Blog

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