Nokia Needs Cheaper-Than-Lumia 610 Phones To Be Competitive

Of course, the Lumia 610 announced together with the Lumia 900, is a cheap Windows Phone made by the Espoo-based company. However, Nokia still needs to work on the pricing for its Windows Phones in order to compete with Android.

$250 is a great price for the Lumia 610 but there are many Android phones out there that are even cheaper. Plus, Google’s platform is already a leading and most popular one so why should someone pick up a Lumia 610?

“We are competing with Android”, Niklas Savander, executive vice-president at Nokia said. “We have a lot riding on the fact that we need to get a lower price point”. One of the main purposes of Windows Phone Tango is to lower the bar specs-wise so that OEMs, like Nokia, could produce cheaper hardware and try to sell volumes, get Windows Phones in as many hands as possible. The $250 Lumia 610 is a great effort but still, as Nokia itself acknowledges, the price needs to be even lower.

Source: Pocket-lint

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