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Nokia N900 Ovi Store for Maemo 5 Apps Now Open for Business!

By Chuong Nguyen January 13, 2010, 7:27 am

The Nokia N900 is one of the most powerful mobile smartphone on the market right now–so powerful that Nokia has even dubbed it a mobile computer–but thus far the device has found itself with less apps than more established platforms like Windows Mobile, Android, webOS, and BlackBerry. That’s all about to change as Nokia has recently unleashed its Ovi Store to carry applications compatible for the open Maemo-Linux platform. Users with the N900 can get the software store loaded by performing a software update to get the latest revision of Maemo 5 on their devices–just go to Application Manger, Updates, and click on the Maemo 5 update.

The news should be welcomed among N900 users who have selected the device for its sheer power. However, for consumers who have limited experience with Linux, having the Ovi Store with apps may make Maemo less “geeky” and may help to bring the powerful smartphone to more mainstream audiences. Perhaps, with Ovi Store for Maemo opened, maybe T-Mobile would like a crack at bringing the device at a subsidized cost to subscribers?

(via: Mobile Tech World)

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