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Nokia N8 Hack Brings 30 FPS HD Video, Better Compression

By Chuong Nguyen October 5, 2010, 4:41 pm

For those who adore the Symbian^3 powered Nokia N8, the latest hack will aim to please. Though the hack hasn’t been released to the public yet, its creator by the name of hyperX promises better video and photo capabilities. For starters, the hack will enable 30 frames per second video recording on the Nokia N8. Additionally, better photo compression will hopefully give users more details in their final picture. With the default image compression, final image size clocked in at 2 MB, however the hack upped the final image size to 11 MB on a sample photo, meaning that more details could be saved to the picture. For now, though, you can head over to The Handheld Blog to view the photo and video quality.

(via: The Handheld Blog)

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