Ever since Nokia hitched its wagon to Microsoft and Windows Phone, it’s been difficult to think of the two companies as wholly independent entities; after all, Nokia’s carrying the bulk of WP smartphone sales, and Microsoft gives the OEM some special access that other Windows Phone manufacturers aren’t similarly able to enjoy. As such, it’s no news to learn that the two are working closely together, but some new comments from Nokia reps have us wondering if specific could be in the works for this summer.

At a recent UK Lumia 925 event, Nokia talked about “working even closer” with Microsoft and teased that we’d all be able to see just what this relationship’s generated sometime “in the next few weeks.”

The company went on to discuss marketing opportunities it’s seizing upon as a result of its Microsoft affiliation, so we very well might just be talking about plans for a new promotional blitz. What was less clear is if all that might be focused on a particular product (and we certainly expect the EOS to be a big win for both Nokia and Microsoft) or if it could be more broadly Lumia- or WP-focused in general.

In any case, Nokia and Windows Phone could use all the advertising help they can get, so whatever this tighter-than-ever pairing ultimately generates, we’re optimistic it will benefit everyone involved.

Source: Engadget

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