These last few months have had Nokia sitting on a whole bunch of rumored hardware. We wondered if we might get news of models like the metallic Catwalk or the PureView Lumia EOS at MWC, but the only new Lumias to surface then were the lower-end 720 and 520. When are we going to get to see the rest of this stuff? Well, we just might get our chance in a few weeks, as Nokia has just started distributing invitations to a May 14 London event.

Make no mistake – this won’t be another Asha announcement like that QWERTY model the company teased. We’re absolutely going to learn about something in the Lumia family, but just what?

Of all the expected Lumia phones, the 928 for Verizon is arguably the one we’ve heard the most about, and whose pending launch feels most certain. While the timing might make sense, the location’s a bit off – London doesn’t make the best stage for the launch of a phone that could be exclusive to a US carrier.

What about Catwalk or EOS? Details on this pair are quite a bit murkier, but they could be more likely contenders for the star(s) of this event. We’ve seen pictures of what may be the Catwalk already, but the EOS – if it even exists – is a much greater mystery. In either case, it would be great to finally get some hard answers. In just under three weeks, we’ll know for sure.

Source: BGR

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