It’s been rumored since the original 920 debuted last year, and now it feels like a Verizon version of that smartphone could finally be just around the corner. We’ve been talking about this so-called Laser for weeks now, and recently saw both an unknown Verizon Nokia smartphone pop up at the FCC as model RM-860, and saw a mention of the Lumia 928 on a leaked Verizon doc. Now it’s time to get specific, and the latest rumor says that this 928 will be hitting Verizon sometime next month.

There have been rumors of an upcoming Nokia model codenamed Catwalk that might switch to aluminum from Nokia’s signature polycarbonate for its body, but today’s sources claim that the 928 will be decked out in aluminum, as well.

While it wouldn’t offer a 41-megapixel camera, the 8-megapixel PureView tipped for the 928 would have one stand-out feature: a xenon flash.

The 928 will supposedly be slightly thinner than the 10.7-millimeter 920, measuring 10.2 millimeters at its thickest, as well as be slightly lighter. Reports describe the 928 as having “a slightly curved back,” which might line up with the cross-section we saw of the RM-860.

While the original 920 had a 4.5-inch LCD, the 928 may switch to an AMOLED panel.

Source: The Verge

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