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Nokia Lumia 925 lens construction exploded

By Anton D. Nagy July 4, 2013, 1:57 pm
Nokia Lumia 925 lens

When we use our phones in our regular lives, or we test them, it’s either “the phone has a good camera” or “the phone could have had a better camera”. What we don’t really know is the technology and effort that is built in the construction, regardless of the make or model.

These images, above and below, are shedding some light on the multiple components that are built-in the Nokia Lumia 925 camera system. Your smartphone may have one, or two, components less, or more, but, on a general note, this is how it looks exploded. We’ve come a long way, ladies and gents! These are no longer your typical phone cameras; these are real miniature systems in the back of your palm! Think about these images when you bash the camera on your phone. I know I will!

Nokia Lumia 925 lens

Source: MyNokiaBlog


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