The Nokia Lumia 920 is out and the Finns have decided to brand its camera as a PureView one. It is not the PureView in its 808 PureView meaning and the manufacturer explains the marketing move: if the 808 is all about lossless zooming and image oversampling, the 920 is all about low light and optical image stabilization.

Nokia’s camera guru, Damian Dinning, Lead Program Manager of Imaging Experience, took it to Twitter to explain the differences between the two PureView phones: Nokia 808 PureView vs. Nokia Lumia 920, in terms of differences and similarities between them.

Camera movement: if there is none, the 808 PureView produces “more detailed images with less noise due to oversampling”. However, when there is some camera movement in both stills and video the Lumia 920 will come out on top due to OIS (optical image stabilization).

Whenever using the two cameras in low light conditions and automatic settings the Lumia 920 will produce better results because of OIS. However, if you go full manual with the 808 (either night mode or manual ISO setting which can bump shutter speeds up to 2.7 seconds) “it will provide better images due to oversampling”.

When recording video the Lumia 920 will produce smoother outputs because of the image stabilization but the 808 will allow you to take advantage of lossless zooming.

Audio, while stereo with “rich recording” on the 808 PureView, will unfortunately only be mono on the Lumia 920.

Zooming is lossless on the 808 PureView in both images and video while the Lumia 920 takes advantage of Windows Phone 8-supported “lens” apps.

So there you have it, the main pros and cons for between two different approaches filed both under the PureView category by Nokia. Tech talk aside (as well as ignoring platforms and only referring to the cameras, as such), the Lumia 920 is more like a layman’s approach to photography (if you will), allowing for great shots on fully automatic “hobbyist” modes while the 808 PureView will be the favorite for those who want to be in control of deep settings (like exposure, ISO, ND,

Source: Twitter
Thanks: Woo

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