Several weeks back, I told you I was buying a Nokia Lumia 920 instead of the iPhone 5, and provided a list of reasons why. I may be a sleep-deprived scoundrel, but I’m also a man of my word.

We’re hard at work on a full review of the Lumia 920, graciously provided to us by the good folks over at AT&T, but today is the official release date. Whether it’s via AT&T’s website or a retail store, customers just like you can now snap up the Nokia Lumia 920 for $99.99 on-contract.

I chose to visit the AT&T store in my local shopping mall to grab mine, waiting in line for the gates to open at 10am sharp. I expected to leave with a cyan Lumia 920, along with matching -and free– wireless charging plate. Instead, I left with a white Lumia 920, no charging plate, and a black JBL Power Up speaker dock instead. Why the disparity between my plans and reality? You’ll have to watch the video below to find out.

(Update: AT&T did very quickly move to send me my free wireless charging plate, which shipped shortly after we published this article. The company appears to be working hard to quickly soften some of the rough edges from this morning’s launch.)

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