De-packaging gadgets is fun enough as it is, but the joy is multiplied tenfold when the subject of the unboxing is a device you never thought would see the light of day.

For months, the notion of a “Nokia tablet” has been little more than fodder for speculative debate on slow-news editions of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast. But now it’s here, willed into solid reality by the events of Nokia World 2013, its sleek rounded edges beckoning from within its staid retail packaging. And by gum, we’re gonna review it.

But before we do that, we’ve got to get it out of its box. So tune in as we slip the new Nokia Lumia 2520 from its protective sleeve and power up its Windows RT 8.1 operating system for the first time. Then hop on over to our First Impressions video (going live the same time as this one) for a taste of what it’s like to use the 2520 around the office for an afternoon. And before you go: drop a comment down below letting us know what excites you (or what doesn’t) about Nokia’s first tablet for the modern world!

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