It is not certain how long Nokia will continue to release devices, in the light of the Microsoft buyout of its Devices and Services division, but we really hope the Abu Dhabi-announced gadgets are not the last ones. There’s a recent rumor circulating on the internet that might give us hope that there will be at least one more push from the Finns.

The Lumia 1820 is claimed to be an upcoming flagship, with a metal unibody design and build. A certain “Lytro-style” camera is also rumored, but we already know that Nokia is about to unleash its Refocus app. Then there’s the rumored eight-inch tablet, which will allegedly be the Lumia 2020, packing Snapdragon 800 processor and a 1080p display. Stylus support is also mentioned.

As per when exactly will we see these? The report mentions MWC 2014, but we strongly advise you to take all of the above with a fairly large dose of salt.

However, we’re recently seen some codenames leaked, which should, at least for the moment, shed a more hopeful light on this report.

Source: NokiaPowerUser

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