Nokia Lumia 1020 vs HTC One (Video)

We’ve put the new PureView Goliath (aka Nokia Lumia 1020) up against its predecessor and we’ve thrown it into the snake pit with the reigning king of flagship Android sales, the Galaxy S 4. But Samsung isn’t the only contender in the high-end Android space, and our 1020 was beckoning us to throw it into the ring with a stouter foe, one with a build that could take a beating. “An aluminum one,” our suddenly-creepy imaginary talking Lumia 1020 demanded.

Well, we weren’t about to ask it twice. That all-seeing PureView crater-eyeball is horrifying. So we tossed the 1020 into the fightin’ cage with our trusty old Sprint-edition HTC One, and the following video is what came of all the ruckus. Within it, polycarbonate throws cuffs against machined metal, gentle curves do battle with edgy chamfers, and a 4MP camera does its best to shelter its UltraPixels from the assault of a 41MP PureView titan. And it doesn’t end till folding chairs start cracking skulls.

We better go before we run out of stupid fighting metaphors. Tune in below for ten minutes of HTC-against-Nokia -including some rather lovely landscape photos and video, if we do say so ourselves- and then dive on down to the comments to tell us about your love for BoomSound, your hatred of embedded batteries, or how thankful we should be to live in scenic Boston (we know). Nokia Lumia 1020 vs HTC One starts right now!


Please note: YouTube commenters have pointed out our mistake on the One’s screen size. Just a typo that made its way to production; we’ve corrected it via an annotation. We regret the error.

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