Comparisons have been a little rough lately. Nearly every time a cross-platform comparison has come up, we’ve been forced to pit the newest and hottest Android device up against the impressive but rapidly-aging Lumia 920. And while the 920 is a beast and a tank, and by now accustomed to such treatment … it’s also an object of affection around these parts. So we’re very happy to give it a rest. Lay down your camera bezel, Old Reliable. Your relief has finally arrived, and its name be Lumia 1020.

But a new flagship means a new comparison with the competing platform’s contenders – especially when the new entrant bears something as insane novel as a 41MP camera! So stand to, onlookers, and brace yourselves: the most successful Android flagship of 2013 is about to do battle with the most brazen Windows Phone of all time, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Or, actually, maybe it will. Because, ultimately we’re talking about two fairly good looking phones here, right? And at least one of them is going to be kicking out some ridiculously high-res images, yeah? So – actually, this stands a pretty high chance of being one mighty pretty video, come to think of it.

So don’t wait another second: click on in and sit on back, because we’ve got a solid ten-minute chunk of comparison video waiting to help you make a choice between the best that Windows Phone and Android have to offer. That’s right: Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S 4 is here, and it’s gonna blow your mind. No matter what platform you’re on.

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