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Unreleased Nokia “Lauta” Leaks; What If This QWERTY Slider Were A Windows Phone?

By Stephen Schenck September 4, 2012, 3:21 pm

Nokia’s work with MeeGo (as well as Maemo) handsets never quite got the chance to succeed that it might have deserved. The hardware arrived around a pivotal moment in Nokia’s history, where the company’s direction in the smartphone world was about to take a sharp turn, perhaps leading to these models just not receiving the attention they needed. As a result, it appears that Nokia ended up shelving plans for some of the hardware it had been working on, and today we get a chance to take a look at just such a model.

This is supposedly the RM-742 “Lauta”, planned as the direct sequel to the N9, itself released just last year. As the N9’s design morphed into what became some members of the Lumia series, we’re curious what the chances might be for seeing a Nokia model like this Lauta come to Windows Phone someday; like most platforms, it’s lacking a lot of options when it comes to hardware QWERTY keyboards.

Nokia may have moved on to other things by now, but what do you think; would it be wise for Nokia to revisit a slider design?

Source: My Nokia Blog
Via: Engadget

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