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Back when the “new” Nokia announced plans to acquire connected health “pioneer” Withings for roughly $190 million, we couldn’t help but dream of a full-fledged smartwatch branded with the iconic Finnish company’s name.

At least for the time being however, we’re only seeing smart scales and blood pressure monitors released by the newly formed alliance, as well as existing Withings products shifted under Nokia’s umbrella.

A dedicated “health” section on Nokia’s official global website includes everything from a Steel activity tracker to a Steel HR to Body, Body+ and Body Cardio Wi-Fi scales, all renamed and slapped with Nokia logos instead of original Withings insignia.

The Health Mate app, meanwhile, has been redesigned from the ground up, aiming to offer a “more personal trainer”, as well as “targeted and tailored” wellness programs for both Android and iOS users.

Don’t worry, the overhauled Nokia software works with rebranded health-centric devices and old Withings gear for your wrist, arm or bathroom, helping you sleep better, get more active, easily manage your weight, follow your heart (literally), and even track precious pregnancy stats at a glance.

Still, we’d sure love it if that in-depth wellness information made its way to a proper, “premium” Nokia smartwatch sometime soon, even one built by smartphone licensee HMD. Maybe someday.

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