Nokia’s big event is less than a day away, when we’ll be getting all the details on the company’s latest hardware. That could mean smartphones, that could mean tablets, and last week we heard about another gadget that might make an appearance, something called Nokia Guru. From the sounds of things, it would be a display-less music player along the lines of an iPod Shuffle, though possibly with some kind of NFC connectivity. Today we get our first look at what’s supposed to be this hardware, as well as hear something that has us re-thinking exactly what this device may be intended for.

The render sure seems to fit with that description of Guru as an NFC-enabled music player. We see very basic controls – volume’s the only hardware button visible here – as well as an NFC logo and micro USB for charging and presumably loading it with songs. Simple enough, right?

Well, if that was all we had today, yes, but The Verge’s Tom Warren has a different theory on Guru, claiming that it would be a Bluetooth headset, not an MP3 player. That’s certainly possible, and could also take advantage of NFC for pairing, but makes for a less interesting-sounding product – not that an iPod Shuffle would be exactly state-of-the-art, either, but at least there was more potential there for Nokia to do something neat: maybe tie it in to some music service on its phones.

So, keep your expectations in line for tomorrow – Guru could well surprise us, but as of now it’s not sounding too hot.

Source: @evleaks, Tom Warren (both Twitter)

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