We were just telling you about how two of the Nokia models whose codenames we learned about earlier this week have been tipped to launch as the first two Windows Phone 8.1 models. That’s reason enough to look forward to these devices, but now we’re already hearing a little more about the capabilities of at least one of these guys, and it sounds like WP8.1 won’t be the only treat waiting for us.

Supposedly, Nokia intends to introduce something it’s been working on for a while with the release of Goldfinger, one of those two rumored WP8.1 phones. It’s called 3D Touch, and it’s basically in-air gesture control – not just directly above the screen, either, but also off to the sides. We’re not sure exactly what tech we’re talking about here – a single camera like Samsung uses, multiple cameras as rumored for that Amazon smartphone, or an extension of the screen’s capacitive sensing – but its description as consisting of “hardware sensors” does have us thinking that maybe we’re not looking at a camera.

If this feature is only tipped for Goldfinger, does that mean that it will be the higher-end of those two WP8.1 models, with Moneypenny missing out on such bells-and-whistles? Maybe, but there’s still a whole lot we don’t know about this pair, and with months to go before either launches, plenty of time to try and work out the details.

Source: The Verge
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

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