Way back in early September, just following Nokia’s official announcement of the Lumia 920, we talked a little bit about the phone’s High Amplitude Audio Capture microphones and the three-mic “Rich Recording” setup they provided. The idea behind all this was to allow the phone to capture audio over a wider range of volumes, helping to avoid clipped signals and ultimately reproduce a more natural-sounding recording. If that all sounds like a lot of technobabble to you, Nokia’s put together a short video demonstrating just what a difference HAAC and Rich Recording make.

For the test, Nokia recruited The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy to let loose through a stack of speakers, just like your phone would be going up against when trying to record a live event, and tasked the Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X, and Samsung’s Galaxy S III to do their best to capture the performance.

While the GS3 and 8X introduced some trebly distortion as their microphones failed to cope with the elevated volume, the 920’s recording sounds almost muted by comparison, but is able to highlight the guitar without choking on these high levels. Check out the demonstration for yourself to hear the difference.

Source: Nokia (YouTube)
Via: My Nokia Blog

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