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Nokia comeback controversy continues fueled by social media hiccup

By Anton D. Nagy April 29, 2015, 2:46 am

As far as the Nokia comeback to the smartphone world is concerned, there’s quite a controversy around it. As a reminder, in the light of the Microsoft agreement, Nokia couldn’t, even if it wanted to, get back to the making smartphones until 2016. Initially, there was a report that claimed to confirm Nokia’s plans of returning to the game, but everything became clear when the company officially denied such plans.

However, this next bit could go both ways: either way, someone messed up on social media, but either by not reading the memo, or disclosing information that wasn’t meant to be public just yet.

On the official Nokia Facebook page, a user asked about the Nokia comeback. Nokia’s official account replied that the company was working on it. Needless to say, the comment has been deleted, but you can check it out below. While we don’t want to open up the floor for speculation (though feel free to do so, but keep it civil), we will ask you whether you’d like to hold a new Nokia phone again, and what OS should grace it.

Nokia FB

Source: Nokia (Facebook — comment deleted)
Via: MyNokiaBlog

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