The United States started a chain reaction when it accused Huawei of being a threat to “national security”, and banned the manufacturer from participating in 5G bids. Many countries followed suit, some pressured by the U.S., and some European countries decided to still allow Huawei to participate. Regardless of the case, there are now stricter rules worldwide when it comes to 5G.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri specifically warned about these stricter rules, saying that these would not only delay 5G roll-out, but would make it more expensive. While Nokia is Huawei’s main competitor, and could very well benefit from Huawei’s difficulties, Suri is more concerned about the worldwide consequences on the entire industry.

I am not sure that certifying products country-by-country is going to get us anywhere. Let’s be careful. No more red tape, no more bureaucracy and no more extra cost — Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri

Germany and Britain didn’t move to ban Huawei, and The Netherlands are taking the same route. However, Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon recently suggested that the UK should be wary of using Huawei’s equipment.

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